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JOHNSON CONTROLS SPECIALIZED TRAINING CLASS BEING OFFERED – YK HIGH PRESSURE CENTRIFUGAL OPERATIONS/MAINTENANCE: This class is being offered October 14th through October 16th and this class will be held at the Washtenaw Community College.  You will learn about the internal working of the YK high pressure centrifugal single-stage compressor, oil return maintenance schedule and system capacity checkout procedure is also covered.  Please contact our Training Coordinator, Randall Whitaker at 734-368-6278 to sign up for this class


ASBESTOS – BLOOD BORNE PATHOGENS – LEAD ABATEMENT CLASS:  This class will take place Wednesday, October 15th at 5:00 P.M and will be held at the Training Center.  Please contact Retha (734) 426-3700.


FINAL CLASS FOR THE 2012 UPDATE PLUMBING CLASS:  This class will be held for one night only on Tuesday, November 4th from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Union Hall.  When you attend this class please remember to bring your plumbing license number.  Please contact the training center (734) 426-3700 to register.


FUSING CLASS & HOUSE PIPING CLASS:  Anyone interested in registering for the fusing class and house piping class, please contact Business Agent Mark McMillen at (734) 368-4423 or Business Agent Tom Wilcox at (734) 646-8838.   


IMPORTANT REMINDER - MUST MODULES:  All members are asked to please complete must modules, contact Retha at the training center at (734) 426-3700 to register.

Once you have completed or updated your must modules please contact Karen Spearin at the union hall (734) 424-0962 Ext. #210.  Having all of your current certifications in our computer system is extremely important, as Business Agent Dave Forbes uses this information to fill calls.

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